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Famous Black Twins

Jamillah Ali


Rasheda Ali

They look alike. They talk alike and sometimes, they even think alike.

They are identical twin sisters Jamillah Ali and Rasheda Ali-Walsh, daughters of boxing legend Muhammad Ali.

Tamera Mowry


Tia Mowry

Identical twin Tamera Mowry starred as Tamera Campbell, opposite her sibling Tia, on the popular sitcom Sister, Sister -- both in its original ABC Friday-night run and later during its four-year stint on the WB network.

This stardom arrived at the tail end of several one-shot prime-time series appearances and commercial appearances that began during the actress' preteen years.

Derell Brittenum


Terell Brittenum

One American Idol mini-controversy apparently wasn't enough for Terrell and Derrell Brittenum, the Memphis twins that were disqualified from the show's fifth-season Hollywood Round after identity theft charges surfaced.

Ronde Barber


Tiki Barber

Tiki and Ronde Barber have been teammates since their beginning. As identical twins, they have never known life without their special bond.
The Barber brothers were born prematurely and suffered from febrile seizures. Because of this, their mom was told not to expect her boys to be able to play as other children. But this inspiring lady was determined to help her sons be all they could be. Ronde and Tiki and their mom proved the doctor wrong. The boys were not only good students, but excellent athletes.

D' Lila Star Combs


Jessie James Combs

D’Lila Star and Jessie James Combs turn three today (Dec. 21). According to their dad Sean Combs, the girls are pretty demanding.

“They’re talking a lot more and they’re very demanding,” says the Grammy-winning hip-hop mogul. As for what they demand from their dad: “Just time,” he says. ” ‘Sit down. Don’t go anywhere, stay here, do this.’ They give me a lot of orders.”

Peter Imafidon


Paula Imafidon

Nine-year-old twins are expected to become the youngest pupils to be admitted to a secondary school.

The so-called “wonder twins”, who come from a family of high achievers, set two world records when they passed A/AS-level maths papers. They became the youngest candidates to pass A-level maths and were also the youngest school pupils to do so, as the previous record holders had been taught at home.

Harris Sextuplets

The Harris sextuplets -- Kiera, Kalynne, Kaleb, Kobe, Kieran and Kyle -- were the first surviving set of African American sextuplets. They were born in Alabama in 2002. Another set of African American sextuplets were born to the Thommspon family in Washington, DC in 1997. Unfortunately, one baby was stillborn.

Twins certainly do run in our families.

To date the current count is 13-15 sets. Do you know all of the twins? Do you know how many sets are identical and how many are fraternal? Do you know their parents? The Sydnor family is out in the lead with twelve or more sets of twins. The McLaurin's site three (3) sets. One set of twins is shared between the two families. Do you know the shared set? Of course this data may not be totally accurate. If you know of other sets, please let us know.

Wow!, that is a lot of twins. What is the probability that families could have so many sets of twins? If you wish to know the answer to this question and more, click here.

Would you believe there is a set of triplets also.

Indeed there is. Benjamin, Nia, and George, are the lively trips of Gina Day Stevenson and her husband Michael.

One, two , three

George, Benjamin, Nia

Christmas 2007

Now, let's meet some of the twins in our families:

Marsha Sydnor

Marsha and Marcella have been sought after for a long time to add their uniqueness to our family of twins. I guess I can thank "FACEBOOK" for helping me locate this set of "" twins. Which one is older? Cousin Francine, daughter of Aunt Thelma (Sydnor) White was their mother and has sadly passed. Both of these ladies have had roots in Hempstead, L.I., New York. Nice to have you aboard the family of twins.

Marcella Sydnor

Jamaine and Jamya Ransom born on 1/7/2006 to the proud parents Jamaine and Robyn Ransom
They live in Patchogue, New York

This little cutie is Jamya Ranson, the oldest of the Ransom twins. She's seven (7) minutes older than her brother Jamaine.

Jamaine Ransom is the second born twin.
Although he's the youngest, he was the biggest.

Veronica McLaurin

Monica McLaurin

Who's Who?

Walter on the left

This set of twins hails from Philadelphia. They happen to be the oldest set of twins, born on April 17, 1951. Meet Walter & William Squires the first of three sets of twins born to Dorothy (Sydnor) Squires


William on the right

Daniel on the left

Say hello to Dorothy Squires second set of twins, Daniel and David Squires. Born on December 15, 1952, what a christmas gift for the Squires.

David on the right

Marvin and Mark

Mark and Marvin Squires is the third and final set of twins for Dorothy Squires. God blessed Dorothy on August, 7, 1961 with these two gentlemen. "Way to go Aunt Dot"

Marvin on the left

This set of twins is the shared set of twins between the two family's this website host. Elizabeth (Sydnor) McLaurin gave birth to John and James on August 22, 1952

High School Grads 1971

This is John's fifth grade picture. Does he look like the baby on the picture to the left? He is the older twin in this set, some say 29 minutes, others say 36 minutes.

2007 Hartford, CT

This is James' fifth grade picture. Could he possibly be left handed? Look at the baby picture to the left. Say hello to the "McLaurin/Sydnor" website webmaster Mr. James K. McLaurin

2007 Houston, TX

Sherylann on the left

Sherylann Moore (Left) and Tangyika Alicia Moore (Right), were born on July 29, 1975 to the proud parents of Cheryl (McClure) Moore.

Tangyika on the right

Meet Tyler Powell, Kobe Bryant's number one fan. Tyler is the first born twin to parents Houston and Bonnie Powell. He is a pleasure to sit and speak with.

Meet Taylor Powell the second born twin to the parents of Houston and Bonnie Powell. As a sophmore at Brentwood High School, he is a starting guard on the boy's varsity squad.

Elizabeth (Lizzy) Powell was the first born twin of the first set of twins born in Atlantic County, Atlantic City on January 1, 1961.

Ernestine (Weenie) Watkins was the second born twin of the first set of twins in Atantic County in 1961. Check out the corn bread for sure.

The 2007 Sydnor Sisters Family reunion was hosted at their home in New York. Let us not forget about the beautiful voices these ladies possess. Check back on this website to view their upcoming advertisement about their catering services.