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Do You Know Some Of These MCSYD Family Members and Friends Present At the 2007 Sydnor Sisters Family Reunion

Brown-George Family Reunion 2012
Savannah , Georgia
by James K McLaurin

Shown above is one of this year's Brown-George Family Reunion 2012 Coordinators "April Cobb"

How far back can you trace your family roots? Most of us today can't go back past our grandparents, and some of them we've never met at all. I had the chance to travel to Savannah, Georgia to participate in the Brown-George Family Reunion 2012. My lineage to this reunion starts back with my grandmother "Leola Lovett McLaurin". The event took place from August 3 - 5, 2012.

On Friday night, a banquet was held at the Hilton Garden Inn Midtown Savannah. The program included Invocation, Welcome, Announcements, Dinner, Family Reunion History, Memorial Observance, Awards, and Dancing/Mingling.

Saturday morning we took a trolley ride throughout historic Savannah, GA. Bubba Gump took time off from his historic run to step in our trolley and say hello. The tour was entertaning and very informative. Savannah, Georgia our nation's 13th colony is rich in historial events and places.

Saturday afternoon/evening was the picnic and MCSYD.COM family, the food was off the hook!. There were activities for young and old alike. See the photos on the photogallery2 page.

Sunday morning services were held at the Zion Baptist Church in Savannah. A to go dinner was also served.

2014 location was announced and will be held on Jekyll Island, Georgia. family, if you are a decendant of my grandmother, Leola Lovett, this is one event you don't want to miss. C U THERE!

Brown-George Banquet Video - Friday August 3, 2012

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Hilton Garden Inn Midtown
Savannah, GA

Savannah Trolley Tour - Saturday Morning
Bubba Gump Jumps On Our Trolley
Picnic - Saturday Afternoon

Centered in the photo above is Robyn Hicks one of our coordinators for this event

Swimming in the pool

cookie decorating for children and lunch of course

outside on the back patio

basketball anyone?
crabs, crabs, and more crabs
Savannah, GA Night Life - Saturday Night

James and Cindy enjoying a night out in Savannah, GA
Church - Sunday Morning Services/To go dinner at the Zion Baptist Church

It was very apparent to those who attended this family reunion that a great deal of effort and hard work on the part of the reunion committee made this event wonderful.

A job well done goes out to committee members Deanna Lucas - chairperson, Robyn Hicks - co-chairperson, April Cobb - secretary, and Sheila Smalls - treasurer.

God Bless

James K McLaurin

On Saturday, June 30, 2007, the children of the late Dorothy (Sydnor) Squires, Elizabeth (Sydnor) McLaurin, and Thelma (Sydnor) White, relatives and friends, reunited on Long Island, New York. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. Everyone had a great time and some tears of joy flowed. Some of the cousins had not seen each other ever, and some hadn't seen each other in over forty-years or more. Of course everyone was introduced to some relative they had never met. Mark Squires, James K. McLaurin, and Karen Brown traveled the longest distance to the event. They came from Houston, Texas, although other relatives were present from the surrounding states, and of course New York. The children and the youngsters enjoyed badminton, basketball, and swimming. Without any measure of discontent, the food was fabulous and compliments plenty. Many thanks to the event coordinators, Yvonne (Punkin) Tracey, not pumpkin, Diane Squires, Elizableth (Lizzy) Powell, Ernestine (Tina, Weenie) Watkins, and anyone else not mentioned who helped to make this a joyous occasion. To view photos of the event click here, or visit our photo gallery page.

Between "The Three Sisters", seventeen children were born. Dorothy gave birth to three (3) sets of twins, and Elizableth gave birth to one set. Giving birth to twins has evolved with several other pairs of babies born over the years. To learn more about the twins, check back in the near future, a twins page is on the drawing board.

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