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This page was requested and it is the hope that viewers will take some time and call, send a card to our family members who are under the weather. Most of us these days have schedules that keep us so busy from the time we wake up to the time we go back to bed at night. If all possible, take a little time and remember those of us who could use some healthy spirits at this time in their lives.

Danny Squires

On June 30th, Danny begins his first of two total hip replacements. Everyone let's pray for him.

As of today, Wednesday, July 2nd, Danny's operation was a success and he begins his rehab tomorrow actually getting up and walking around on his new hip. Let's all praise God for round 1 for Danny.

John W McLaurin III

John W McLaurin one of the many twins in our family has had some medical problems that are still in the remedial stages. Everyone let's pray for his speedy recovery.