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Throughout the history of all families, some family members have come upon a unique nickname, pet name, etc. These names were given for many reasons, some of them true, and some of them false, and some of them just because the moment created the name. Today when we look back at those nicknames, they provide us with memories, and entertainment. This page is for the sole purpose of bringing back those memories, and entertaining us again. By no means is this page intended to harm one's feelings. Enjoy, have lots of fun learning what we called each other.

Once again, I am asking everyone to come forward and send us a nickname that you had or someone in the family had. Along with the nickname, we need the real name of the individual, and a brief statement how the name came to be.

LOUSE (James K. McLaurin)
My grandfather, John W. McLaurin Sr. gave me that nickname way back in the sixties. This is how it happened. One day my cousin Beverly (Pearshape) Day was babysitting someone's kids at my grandfather's house. She had just given the kids their lunch, but didn't have anything for their desert. So she opened up his refrigerator and all she saw was one jar of pears that my grandfather had left from his pear tree that was in the back yard. Well, she gave those kids those pears for desert. She probably had a few herself. Well, when my grandfather came home that afternoon, he went into his refrigerator to look for his last jar of pears. To his surprise, they were gone. I was the only one in the house at the time, so he accused me of eating his pears. Then he shouted out, "You dirty little Louse", you ate my pears. Well, my cousins and everyone around heard that statement, and to this day I have been called Louse by my relatives and friends.

Gym Rat (James K. McLaurin) This one is not as bad as Louse. But anyway it came about from a friend and neighbor, Ricky Day. During my Jr. High and Sr. High days, I spent an enormous amount of time in a gymnasiusm, or at the courts, playing, and practicing basketball. The basketball eventually earned myself a full scholarship to Iona College. Way to go Gym Rat.

Dee Dee (Karen McLaurin Brown) My brother Donald (Peanie) Woodlin gave me this nickname. He said I use to sit in the middle of the floor and tear all his comic books up. Therefore Dee Dee, Death and Destruction.

Birdie (John Archie McLaurin) John says, his cousin Spider called him a Dirty Birdie, and his other cousin louse shortened it to just Birdie.

Pear Shape (Beverly Day Ratcliff) Rumor has it, this name was given to Beverly because she had a pear shape.

Sputnik, Janie (Sharon McLaurin) History changed on October 4, 1957, when the Soviet Union successfully launched Sputnik I. The world's first artificial satellite was about the size of a basketball, weighed only 183 pounds, and took about 98 minutes to orbit the Earth on its elliptical path. I was born a year later and my grandfather (Pop-Pop) must have thought I looked like or acted like the monkey the soviets sent up into space. Actually, the russian satelite was not big enough to house a monkey. He must have been confused. But the name has stuck with me throughout the years and truth be told, "I'm just out of this world".

Catman (Larry Day)

Spider Brother (James Greene)

Brother (Albie Moye)

Sister (Louise Moye)

Cake Eater (Bruce McLaurin)

Tall Sucker (John W. McLaurin III)

Geech (Andrew McLaurin) This story told by his brother Wilbur, says, that Andrew was a very quiet young man, so quiet, that nobody almost never heard him speak a word. One day he fell down a flight of stairs and when he was able to get up, he said " my ankle hurts, my ankle hurts", in a very loud tone. Someone who witnessed the accident said out loud, " The Geech said something". From that day on he has been called "Geech".

Sonny Boy (Andrew McLaurin)

Bust Weenie (Louis Francis Day Jr.) - Upon learning of his recent death, our extended family member Ms. Cherly Kelly recalls how Louie got his nickname back in the day on Cedar Street in Bay Shore, New York. Candy as she is known by many says, Louie got his nickmane one day when he was riding a bicycle on Cedar Street and the seat he was riding on fell off. Of course immediately following the loss of his seat there was some trauma to his private parts, and someone yelled out, Louie, you just busted your weenie, and hence forth came his nickname Bust Weenie. Thank you Cheryl for remininding us how Louis got his nickname.

Huc-A-Buc (Patty Frazier) Some of you remember Patty. She lived with Nancy, Alfonso, and Reggie Frazier on Cedar Street. Patty was a paraplegic since birth. Paralyzed from her waist down, she would opened her back door and sit looking through the screen to see what all the kids were doing. From time to time she would start dancing if she heard music. Of course we could only see the upper half of her body, since the lower half was down below the screen. Someone would say, "Patty, what are you doing?". Her reply was always the same, "The Huc-A Buc"

Pie (Betty Greene) My mother Carrie (Gi Gi) gave me this nickname when I was just an infant. Everyone who saw me thought that my face was perfectly round, as round as a pie, and hence the nickname "Pie" was given to me.

Peanie (Donald Woodlin)

Punkin (Yvonne Tracey)

Stonewall Jackson (Medcaff Jackson, Uncle Med)

Puddin (Darlena Woodlin)

Bambi (Dora McLaurin) Bambi says her brother Moses named her that after seeing the movie "Bambi", this deer with these protruding eyes and then looked at his sister and called her "Bambi"

Cooksin, Pee Wee, Sue (Delores McLaurin)

Mo Mo (Moses Hamilton McLaurin)

Stoney (Anthony McLaurin)

The Mo (Moses McLaurin) All of his nephews called him "The MO"

Salley (Wilbur McLaurin)

Hooks (Wilbur McLaurin) Wilbur said he became known as "Hooks" because he had a tremendous left hook in boxing, he could hook slide when playing baseball, and he had a great hook shot in basketball.

Monkey Pot (Denise Squires ) My mom (Your Aunt Dot) knew I was in the room playing with Denise (Diane's daughter)Mama, sent me downstairs to stir the pot on the stove.I forgot what it was.Anyhow, I'd had "DeNeepy"as Mama (your Aunt called her) on my hip. I couldn't stir the pot and hold her.So, on the counter was another large pot. I sat Denise in it (great fit!) Mama came into the kitchen to check on the food, and asked me what I was doing with the baby in the pot?I told her, Mama she crawls up like a little monkey when you hold your arm out. I showed Mama how she pulls up, and then I put her back in the pot.I'd told Mama and I put  her in the pot, so she wouldn't get burned, while I was at the stove.I said, "Mama, that's  her nickname: "MonkeyPot" that's what I'm going to call her.She is and always will be "MonkeyPot"