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I spent many of nights in Aunt Dorie's basement at 7 Cedar Street when I was in trouble at my house. A lot of us were blessed to have that escape route!
her nephew
-James K. McLaurin
My Mom, your aunt, cousin, grandmother, etc., or friend, was a phenomonal women who was given the name, "The Lords Outside Worker". She kepted the VFW afloat with activities for the people in the community, and on weekends worked the bar area, coordinated live music or D.J's, etc. A senior citizen herself , very young at heart, she was out early taking many of you around to appointments you couldn't get to by yourself . The energy she exhibited on a daily basis, lit up the world for many!
her daughter
-Sharon McLaurin
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Question: Did she loved going to Atlantic City?
Answer: Does POPEYE the sailor love spinach?
In my Freshmen year in High School, I was chosen to be a waitress at the Senior Prom.. Aunt Dorie jazzed me up, by doing my hair, and working with the Darsheki I had to wear. She shortened the Darsheki that my mother had sewn for me, and did all of my makeup. I was ready for that event. When I was a Junior, she did my makeup and hair for the prom that I attended with Eric. She always had that something extra that pulled the whole thing together.
her niece
-Karen Brown (Dee Dee)