427 North Vista Drive
Houston, TX, 77073

Below is a list of family contacts. Please feel free to add to the list. Just email your information to If any information is incorrect, please send the correct information. If you wish to have your information removed, send me an email.

Email Address
McLaurin, James K
427 North Vista Dr., Houston, Texas, 77073 281-352-9702
McLaurin, John W III 153 Beacon St., Hartford, Connecticut, 06105 860-231-9872
McLaurin, Karen Brown 5105 Parsely Avenue, Baytown, Texas, 77521 832-526-9626
McLaurin, Sharon J Central Islip, New York 631-666-2517
McLaurin, Dora Cleveland, Ohio 216-382-0867
McLaurin, Andrew Coram, New York 631-266-6482
McLaurin, John Archie Florida 631-525-0386
McLaurin, John W IV Connecticut 860-748-9775
McLaurin, David Connecticut 203-709-1575
Andrew W McLaurin Hartford, Connecticut
McLaurin, Benita San Francisco, California
McLaurin, Veronica Bellport, New York
McLaurin, Monica Bellport, New York 631-312-0274
McLaurin Judith Williams Las Vegas, Nevada 269-598-8375
McLaurin, Joy Bay Shore, New York 678-830-4289
McLaurin, Quantazia Virginia
McLaurin, Madison Williams Nashville, Tennessee
McLaurin, Josephine Long Island, New York
Tracy, Yvonne (Punkin) 129 Village Circle West, Manorville, New York 11949 631-461-1900
Tracy, Robyn Ransom Long Island, New York 631-891-2260
Dunkley, Ernestine Watkins Central Islip, New York 631-404-6526
Dunkley, Elizabeth Powell Raleigh, North Carolina 631-291-9541
Dunkley, Yvonne (Bonnie) Raleigh, North Carolina 919-986-7633
Dunkley, Tara Smith Raleigh, North Carolina
Dunkley, Kevin Sandy Springs, Georgia
Dunkley, Rita Roberts Sandy Springs, Georgia
Watkins, Michael
Watkins, Ashley Campbell
Watkins, Dawn
Watkins, Kyle
Day, Larry Bay Shore, New York
Day, Gina Stevenson 50 Forest Lake Drive, West Harrison, New York 10604 914-997-1553
Day, Manon
Day, Silvie
Day, Erika
Day, Gisette Harris
Squires, Howard (Hap) Humble, Texas 281-446-9030
Squires, William Philadelphia, Pennslyvania 215-471-0357
Squires, Walter Inglewood, California 310-674-7625
Squires, Marilyn Stafford , Texas 713:249-5127
Squires, Mark Houston, Texas 832-279-8170
Squires, Marvin Philadelphia, Pennslyvania 267-591-8866
Squires, Daphne Yonkers, New York 914-426-9604
Woodlin, Donald Richmond, Virginia 443-517-3576
Woodlin, Darlana Harris 95 Richmond Place,Youngsville, NC  27596 919-570-9623
Woodlin, Donnie
Powell, Quentin Raleigh, North Carolina
Powell, Johua Raleigh, North Carolina
Greene, James Central Islip, New York 631-708-4871
Greene, Bettye Bay Shore, New York 631-665-8778
Greene, Christopher
Greene, Kevin
Kelly Rodney Hamilton
Kelly Veronica
Kelly Cherly
Moore, Cheryl
Moore, Tanyika Baltimore, Maryland
Moore, Sherylann Baltimore, Maryland
Robinson, Ruby Las Vegas, Nevada 702-454-6068
Williams, Darnell
Williams, Bryan

Williams, Kevin
Bray, Louise West Babylon, New York
Bray, Dennis
Bray, David
Bray, NeNe
Baldwin, Vickie James 631-575-1057
Baldwin, Shamara 631-714-0806
Garrett, Ayesha Thompson Bowie, Marlyand
Mayes, Patricia
Sealy Rakeesha Jackson